Fashion Week Outfits

Monochrome at Paris Fashion Week

There is something about Fashion Week that makes me want to bust out all my hats. Three reasons come to mind: 1- To hid your tired eyes and skin caused by the hectic-ness that is fashion month. 2- To hid your greasy/undone hair because you had to rush out to make it to an early morning show and 3- They are awesome. Whatever reason it is {it’s all three to be honest}, I love hats and I think for this monochrome outfit, it was the perfect accessory.

I was feeling very French that day so I decided to try and express that in my outfit. I wore this amazing stripped Alexander Wang top with an equally amazing Alexander Wang tuxedo gilet from Harvey Nichols Dubai {yes, I have a Wang obsession. And a Harvey Nix one too!}. Kept to the black theme and paired them with my Zara cigarette pants which I pretty much live in now. My favorite Chanel purse and Rossi heels completed my look perfect, if I do say so myself!

Oh and who is that adorable dog in the picture? Well you can’t be a Parisian without a dog, non? {Thank you to the random lady for letting me borrow her dog!}.

Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Alexander_wang_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1738 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Alexander_wang_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1721
Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Alexander_wang_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1747 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Alexander_wang_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1759 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Alexander_wang_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1782 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Alexander_wang_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1830Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Alexander_wang_Paris_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_1737Photography by Adam Lloyd Wilson

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