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Lyla Attends | La Veste un Classique de Chanel Presentation – Paris

I was in Paris recently for a press trip {more about that later} and a couple of important meetings but I made sure to pop into the La Veste Un Classique de Chanel presentation for the French press I was kindly invited to.

I was transported back to the history of the infamous Chanel tweed jacket and how it has now become an iconic piece. On display were some of Chanel’s most memorable jackets such as the beige tweed jacket with red and black detailing created by mademoiselle Chanel herself in 1963. What a spectacular piece! Even the closet/cages the pieces were displayed in were swoon worthy. Imagine having a Chanel pearl detailed closet like that!

After the presentation, the Chanel Dallas collection was on display to enjoy. I have to say, it was so lovely to experience an intimate Chanel event in Paris. I had no idea my understanding of the French language was quite well. Tres bein to me!

{Images taken by an iPhone. Excuse the quality, I was too excited!}

Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_1979 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_1973 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_1991 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_1996 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_1999 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_2003 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_2009 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_2010 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_La_Veste_Un_Classique_De_Chanel_2013

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