Vita Fede Jewellery

Everybody loves an arm party right? Well, I know I do and when I find a jewellery designer that clearly knows how to ‘throw’ an arm party, I can’t help but get hooked.

Vita Fede, the LA based jewellery brand by Cynthia Sakai, has made it’s way to our Middle Eastern shores and I could not be happier. I honestly have a hard time picking just one piece from the collection since they are all statement pieces on their own, making them versatile for piling on or going solo. They are a little pricey but thats a given when the quality is that good {it is all made in Italy}.

I wasn’t in town when Cynthia came over for the launch of her collection at Harvey Nichols, but I got a chance to play around with part of the collection and oh how fun was that!

Vita Fede is available at Harvey Nichols Dubai.

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