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Unlocking My Wish With Cartier

There comes a time in life when you sit down and reflect on all the amazing things that have happened to your life so far. You reminisce on all the good times and try to re-learn from all the mistakes you did in the bad times. And then there is those moments you sit and wish about all the other things you want in life or aspire to accomplish. I have many moments like that since they make me feel even more ambitious and fuel my drive to chase those dreams and unlock my wish.

Growing up, one of my many wishes, as I am sure many other kids wished for too, was to be able to eat all the cakes in the world. Not the most aspiring of wishes but at as a kid with no responsibilities, that seemed like the ultimate goal in life. Now that I am an adult and have responsibilities in life, that little dream of mine still lingers in my thoughts. I like to think I am still a little {fat} kid inside. I think the story of Marie Antoinette and her love for cake is what keeps that little dream of my childhood going. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy their creamy goodness.
As a total wanderlust, another one of my dreams and wishes is to be able to travel the world and set sail to unknown destinations. The idea to escape the hardships and responsibilities of life for a couple of days is what also fuels my passion to wander the world. Imagine being able to just drift away.
I did just that! Wearing my Amulette de Cartier necklace, my wish come together in the most surreal way possible. I like to rephrase what Marie Antoinette said and yell out “Let ME eat cake!”. #unlockyourwish #amulettedecartier

وحدة من أمنياتي الكثيرة اللي تمت وياي وأنا أكبر، ومتأكدة إنه اليهال تمنوا نفس الشي، إني آكل كل الكيك الموجود في العالم. أدري مب من الأمنيات الطموحة بس كياهل ماعنده مسؤوليات كثيرة هالأمنية كانت تبين مثل الهدف السامي! الحين وأنا كبيرة وعندي مسؤولياتي هالأمنية بعدها تدور فراسي. ترا أحب أفكر إني بعدني ياهل في داخلي. أعتقد قصة حب ماري انطوانيت للكيك هي اللي تخلي هالأمنية في داخلي. اليهال والكبار يقدرون يستانسون بالكيك دوم. ب

بحكم إني مهووسة بالسفر، وحدة من أمنياتي بعد إني أدور حول العالم وأستكشف أماكن يديدة. فكرة إني أشرد شوي عن مشكلات ومسؤوليات الحياة ليوم أو يومين تجدد فية شغفي للسفر. تخيلوا إنكم تنجرفون بكل بساطة. ب

وأنا حققت هالشي! وأنا لابسة سلسلة “أموليت دي كارتييه”، أمنياتي تحققت  بأحلى طريقة ممكنة.  حابة أعيد صياغة جمله ماري أنطوانيت وأصرخ: “خلوني آكل كيك”! ب




Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Amulette_de_Cartier_Unlock_Your_Wish__0329Photographer: Daniella Baptista | Stylist, hair & make up: Katie Cousins | Dress: Madiyah Al SharqiSpecial thanks to: Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah

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