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Lyla Travels | Paris with Annick Goutal

I recently flew in to Paris for a week of fragrance filled happiness with Parisian perfumer Annick Goutal for the launch of their latest scent, Vent de Folie. The lovely team booked us into a super hip hotel in the East {not the nicest neighbourhood but pretty cool to see} called Mama Shelter. Designer by Philippe Stark, it is basically the hipster hotel with dark walls and quirky props such as Batman masks and graffiti on the ceilings. If you are looking for a different kind of Paris stay, then Mama Shelter is the hotel for you.

Back to Vent de Folie, the fragrance is all about Summer in New York and how the hustle bustle of the city and the vast greenery of Central Park is every young girl’s playground. The scent is fresh and floral with a hint of fun and femininity {the 4 Fs!}. I made sure to sprits the perfume on every morning before venturing out in the Paris sun and it worked perfectly with my Summer mood.

Along with 3 print editors from Lebanon and Dubai, the lovely people at Annick Goutal showed us around the different boutiques around the city of love and we even got a chance to speak to lady behind the brand, Camille Goutal {the late Annick Goutal’s daughter}. She spoke about how it was growing up with her beautiful mother and all her early stages of discovering the Perfumery world. Her studio/lab was so inspirational and wonderful to see.

The rest of the Paris trip was filled with delicious food, beautiful architecture and even more delicious scents from Annick Goutal. Below is a small visual diary of all the fun and adventures I got up to in Paris with Annick Goutal!

Vent de Folie will be available in November.

Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(5-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(16-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(17-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(15-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(18-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(19-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(20-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_(1-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(2-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(4-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(3-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(6-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(7-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(8-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(9-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(10-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(11-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(12-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(13-of-17)Lyla_loves_fashion_Annick_Goutal_-(21-of-17)Photos taken by Samsung NXMini

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