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Prague with Nike

I have always wanted to get back in to shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Back in my tomboy days, I never sat still. I used to be part of my school’s basketball team, attempt to skateboard and just be very active. My flat tummy and toned body was a result of all that. But now that I am always slumped behind the laptop and also getting, dare I say, older, it is not that easy.

Lucky for me, Nike got in touch to whisk me away to the beautiful city of Prague for the launch of their latest collection at Designbloc. Now, isn’t that the perfect motivation: Fashion! I got to see the lust worthy trainers and womenswear perfect if you are a runner, someone that likes to train or just want to look cool. The new Zoom Agility trainers look good and have that extra cushioning to help with your training.

I also got a chance to experience the popular NTC classes that are held all over the world for women for free {In Dubai, it is at Engine Health and Fitness in Jumeirah}. If you haven’t downloaded the NTC app, then you are missing out on having a personal trainer right on your smartphone! What an amazing work out it was!

So this brings me to exciting news: Nike and LLF will be working together to get my wobbly butt back in to shape while looking trendy. Now don’t worry, I will not be moving into the fitness realm on the blog; I am not turning into a fitness guru nor changing the blog to Lyla Loves Fitness, but I will be including a post a month focusing on sportswear and what I like to wear when I do different workouts.

Watch this space!

كنت دومي أبي كون صحية وأرجع لحياتي الرياضية. عأيامي لما كنت بوية، كنت دومي أتحرك. كنت في فريق كرة السلة في المدرسة، وجربت السكيت بورد. كنت وايد نشيطة وحركية بشكل عام. لدرجة إن جسمي كان مشدود ورياضي. لكن بما إني دومي قاعدة ورا الكمبيوتر وأتجرأ وأقول إني كبرت في العمر، الموضوع مب سهل. عحظي الحلو نايكي تواصلت معاي عشان توديني عمدينة براغ نحتفل بمناسبة إطلاق كوليكشن يديد في ديزاين بلوك. قدرت أشوف الجواتي الروعة ولبس الرياضة المميز . الجوتي اليديد زووم أجيليتي شكله حلو وفيه حماية اكسترا يساعد وقت التمرين. جربت بعد كلاسات الــ NTC ” الموجودة حول العالم وموجودة في دبي  فيإنجين هيلث أند فيتنسفي جميرا. نزلوا الآب عسب تحسون كأنه عندكم مدرب خاص عتلفونكم! وبمناسبة هالشي حبيت أخبركم إن نايكي وLLF ” بيتعاونون مع بعض وبنحط بوستات كل شهر يخص بلبس الرياضة وشو اللي أحب ألبسه وقت التمرين. البلوق ما بيتحول لبلوق يخص الرياضة بس بنمزج الرياضة مع الفاشن. تابعوا هالفقرة كل شهر!

Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0641Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0648Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0649Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0651Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome492-copyLyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome34-copyLyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0652Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome726-copyLyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome83-copyLyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome63Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome446-copyLyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0659Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0667Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0672Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Alexander_Wang_monochrome_0629Images by LLF & Yan Renelt

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