Stella McCartney Platform Brogues

Location: DIFC – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I know a lot of people will probably not understand the hype around these amazing Stella McCartney Platform Brogues but I can’t seem to get enough of them.

Many have given me strange looks when I have them on {my BFF and manager, Farah, was appalled} but it is definitely a statement piece and not for the faint hearted, so to say. So ‘fashion’.

After finding them in Harvey Nichols Dubai, I made a mistake of buying a bigger size than I should have. So if you are out to buy one, make sure you buy a half size down as they stretch.

The platforms are a little difficult to style but I think they work better with trousers/jeans rather than dresses. It is a little less in-your-face with trousers since they tend to make the feet look bigger. I know what you are thinking but I totally stand by them especially since they happen to be super comfortable.

I style them with a pair of black cigarette pants and this amazing white mullet top by homegrown brand DinZ. This top is so practical and perfect for covering your tooshy when you’re feeling a little heavier on the bottom.

I added a little sparkle with this bomb bomber jacket {see what I did there} which you have probably seen a million times. The Sophie Hulme mini cross-body bag was the perfect shade to bring the look together.

Now the question is, would you rock a pair of platform brogues?

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