The Ingolstadt Village Experience

 The Ingolstadt Village Experience

A little shopping trip in Munich thanks to Value Retail – Chic Outlet Shopping 

I think it is pretty obvious when I say I love to travel (have you seen my Instagram feed?). I am a total wanderlust and will take any opportunity I can get to fly to a new destination. Not only do I love discovering new places, cultures and landscapes, I also love all the shopping I get to do. I mean, isn’t that half (if not all) the reason to travel? Well when Value Retail asked if I would like to experience a little Euro shopping trip, what do you think I said? Yes, yes yes!

First stop, Munich for the Ingolstadt Village, a popular outlet shopping village (i.e. designer pieces for less. Cha-ching!). Munich is such a beautiful city so I was happy to be back after so long. We stayed at the lovely Bayerischer Hof Hotel which was Michael Jacksons favorite hotel. Remember the baby dangling situation? Yeah, that was there. After unpacking my suitcases (its a tiresome habit), we headed to the Keith Haring exhibit just down the road. It was an afternoon of inspiration to say the least. It made me want to start illustrating again (I’m a graphic designer remember?).

 The next day we were off to our main destination, Ingolstadt Village, which is about an hour out of the city. Driving into the village, I was greeted with luscious greenery and warm welcome in the VIP lounge. Now the VIP lounge is exactly where you would want to start your shopping experience. It is such a cozy and chic area to relax and chill before or after a full day of retail therapy. You have to book the lounge before your arrival to the village. I totally recommend it especially if you are with your family or a bunch of friends. Its a great place to unwind or have a little show and tell session with your new purchases.

 If you find yourself at the village this Summer, make sure you pop by the Melvin Sokolsky exhibit within the village. It is gallery of his famous vintage photography of the bubble series. Definitely worth a looksy!

 The rest of the day consisted of me making my way into every shop to enjoy all the discounted items by designers such as TODS, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and MCM to name a few. It’s like a year round sale on everything. And to make things even better, there is free wifi throughout the whole village. I mean, does it get any better than that?

A little shopping here, a little eating there, by the end of the day I was stocked up and ready to head back home with a big smile on my face.

 And here is a little sneak peek of what I bought from Ingolstadt Village. This delicious leather oversized clutch by MCM was over €1000 but I bought it for just over €100! Bargain! It is big enough to fit my 13inch Mac laptop so I will be using this baby when I have meetings to attend.

The lovely people at Ingolstadt Village have a special offer during Eid holidays (until October 15th to be exact): Free shuttle bus from Munich to the Village with 10% discount card (thats on top of the 30% Summer sale) and free access to the VIP lounge (If booked 2 days before). Happy shopping!

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