Special | BAFTA Style Suite Experience

What a way to spend the day at the BAFTA Style Suite!

The lovely people at Charles Worthington, one of the sponsors of this year’s BAFTAs, invited me into the fabulous BAFTA Style Suite at the luxurious Savoy Hotel to experience how the celebrities get red carpet ready for the awards. I mean, who would say no to that?!

The day started at the absolutely amazing Royal Suite at The Savoy Hotel where I met hair guru, Charles Worthington, and all the other lovely people that were there to help me look A-list ready. The suite was decked out with gorgeous flowers like the one below.


I sat with Charles to consult on a hairstyle and since this was a whole new experience for me, I decided to go for a full updo. As I am sure you have noticed, I rarely have my hair up so this was a big step out of my comfort zone. Mr. Worthington decided to do a messy full braided halo which is one of the current looks on the red carpet.


Looking at the end result, I am so glad I did it! Doesn’t it look lovely?


Then it was off to makeup. One of my all time favorite makeup brands, Lancôme, were there to beautify my face. I went for a more glamourous smokey-eye look. Definitely one for special occasions, like today! {Look out for a future post on my beauty look}



After my face was all done up, it was time to find a dress. I made my way to the Escada room to pick one of many beautiful red carpet gowns. Some of the gowns were worn by celebrities at previous red carpet awards so this was super special. After trying on almost all the dresses {I couldn’t help my self}, I went for the red backless number that was previously worn by Poppy Delevigne.




No red carpet look is complete without some serious bling. Aspery were at hand to sprinkle me with some amazing diamonds. I honestly wanted to wear them all at once but that would have been a little too much.







And here is my final look. What do you think? Since the dress was backless, I decided to wear the necklace the other way round.


Now that I was red carpet ready, it was time to except my BAFTA for best blogger in the fashion blogger category! {I totally just made that up!}. Thank you BAFTA, Charles Worthington, Lancôme, Asprey and Escada for making me feel like a queen for the day. I seriously could get used to it!



I got to take home some Charles Worthington products to keep up with my red carpet hair. This is the Charles Worthington EE BAFTA Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment and is available at Boots. Charles Worthington is the official hair stylist for the BAFTA.bafta_giftbagNow if I were a real celebrity, this is what I would take home with me on the night of the BAFTAs.


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