Travel Video

Vlogging My Trip To Venice, Italy

Location: Belmond Hotel Cipriani – Venice, Italy

I finally did it! I finally put all my insecurities and self-doubt aside and started vlogging. I have been contemplating the whole youtube life for a very very long time. It just seemed so right for me as I am definitely a big talker and enjoy sharing parts of my life. The only thing stopping me was the whole notion of ‘what would people think?’ but to hell with that.

I will be posting videos on everything from fashion styling, beauty reviews/tutorials to travel and personal struggles. Some will hate it and hopefully lots will love it but here I am stepping out of my comfort zone and absolutely loving.

So starting off with my recent trip to Venice, Italy. I was put up at the wonderful Belmond Hotel Cipriani and that a wonderful experience in the beautiful city. I am currently only vlogging my travels but will eventually move to weekly vlogging my life, if people are interested, that is.

So for now, enjoy my mumbling, giggling, and excessive use of the word ‘like’.

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